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Schiffshebewerk-Niederfinow Steffen-Lehmann TMB-Tourismus-Marketing-Brandenburg-GmbH

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Discover Brandenburg - water worlds, modern technology and a new festival

International newsletter 04/2024

NaturThermeTemplin has a new children's playhouse

With "Otti's Water World", a completely new 270 m² splash area has been created for children aged five to eleven. Children can let off steam in the water world with various water play equipment. The focus is on interactive play elements that encourage children in their urge to move and discover and help them to understand cause and effect. For this to work, the children have to actively interact with other children and play together. 33 different attractions await visitors.

The design of the splash area is based on nature. The water play equipment and adventure elements are modelled on natural examples from the flora. The floor was designed in the form of a stream and looks like an extension of the murals. The wall design focusses on the spa's mascot, the otter "Otti".

www.naturthermetemplin.de/kinderspielhaus-ottis-wasserwelt-eroeffnet, www.naturthermetemplin.de, www.naturthermetemplin.com

Modern technology: the new Niederfinow boat lift

The Niederfinow boat lift is located in the federal state of Brandenburg, at the eastern end of the Oder-Havel Canal. It is open to visitors from March to October and can be visited between 10.00 and 16.00 as part of a guided tour. Tour groups can book a guided tour in English or Polish in advance. Information is available in German, Polish and English on the website and flyers in various languages are available in the information centre.

The ships and the movement of the lift trough can be observed from the visitors' gallery of the ship lift. The ships are driven into a lift to be transported from the Oder-Havel Canal into the Old Oder and vice versa. Even if a cargo ship weighs 1,200 tonnes, it only takes five minutes to overcome the height difference of 36 metres in the Niederfinow ship lift.

More information is available at www.schiffshebewerk-niederfinow.com

GREEN VISIONS POTSDAM: New film festival for sustainable living celebrates its premiere

Potsdam is getting a new film festival with GREEN VISIONS POTSDAM.

It will take place from 30 May to 2 June 2024 at the Filmmuseum Potsdam and is a mixture of film, science and a market for sustainable living. National and international productions on topics such as climate protection, sustainability and nutrition will be presented.

The square in front of the Film Museum will be transformed into a "market for sustainable living". After the film screenings, the audience can take part in the scientific discussions and then enjoy culinary delights at the market and find solutions and alternatives for their everyday lives.

Further information can be found at www.greenvisions-potsdam.de

Bison and vastness: 20 years of Sielmann's Döberitz Heath Nature Landscape

Przewalski's horses and bison can be marvelled at in the Döberitz Heath in Brandenburg. Red deer can also be found here. The site of a former military training area covering around 3600 hectares has developed into a natural paradise since 2004. A total of around 6,600 different species of animals, fungi and plants have been recorded just outside Berlin and Potsdam. These include almost a thousand protected species such as white-tailed eagles, Triops crayfish, fire-bellied toads, over 170 species of wild bees, wheatears, nightjars, whinchats, stonechats, whinchats and hoopoes.

The wild bee trail is not just buzzing and buzzing. Here you can find out what a valuable role wild bees play in the ecosystem and how they can be protected. Along the trail, five information boards provide vivid insights into interesting facts about wild bees.

A total of 55 kilometres of hiking trails are available for exploring the natural landscape and many rest and viewing points invite you to enjoy a picnic. At the Döberitzer Heide Nature Experience Centre in Elstal, visitors have the opportunity to get to know the animals and plants better. Entry is free of charge. With the help of an innovative app, visitors can answer quiz questions and test their knowledge. The app also offers an interactive map, a comprehensive lexicon of species and an exciting field rally especially for young explorers.

Further information at: www.sielmann-stiftung.de

New brochure presents architectural highlights of Eberswalde

The brochure presents outstanding buildings such as the library of the University for Sustainable Development or the Borsighalle. A boat trip along the Finow Canal will bring you particularly close to it. Before the Borsighalle was erected in Eberswalde, it could be found at several locations. The building was originally a mobile and reusable hall. It was built between 1847 and 1849 according to the plans of architect August Borsig and is considered the forerunner of the arched halls that became established in the 19th century for factory halls and railway stations. The special feature of this type of hall is the column-free interior, which can be extended as required. After its construction in Eberswalde, it was initially used to process scrap iron. It was then used to store iron ingots. The hall has been empty since 1993. In order to save it from decay, it was given a new roof, a so-called barrel construction with trailing roofs on the sides. The supporting structure consists of eight iron semi-circular lattice arches with a span of around 21 metres.
Also close to the Finow Canal is a building that has made international architectural history: the Kupferhaus. It was designed by Walter Gropius, the famous architect and founder of the Bauhaus in Weimar. He was fascinated by the modern house types he discovered at the German Building Exhibition in Berlin in 1931. In the same year, the idea of prefabricated houses with copper elements caused a furore at the Colonial Exhibition in Paris. Gropius continued to develop this type of house and was thus a pioneer of prefabricated house construction.


Holiday planning made easy - new brochures published for the Oder-Spree Lake District

To make it easier for visitors to plan their leisure activities, the tourism association Seenland Oder-Spree e.V. has published a new excursion planner and a discovery map. Both offer exciting excursion tips and useful information on planning leisure activities in the region and are available in German and Polish. Interested parties can order the brochure and the map in the shop on the website www.shop.seenland-oderspree.de

Unusual accommodation options

Spend the night in a water tower, be a guest in the harbour or sleep in a covered wagon.
Here are some tips for unusual accommodation options in Brandenburg.

Spend the night in a water tower

The water tower at Sanssouci Park in Potsdam impresses with its characteristic brickwork. It houses a holiday flat on several levels with modern furnishings and an inviting atmosphere. The spacious roof terrace offers a view of the New Palace and Sanssouci Park. The palace park is within walking distance.

Further information is available at www.wirth-alonso.de and brandenburg-tourism.com

Schlafen im Alten Wasserwerk
Auch in Bad Saarow trifft im Alten Wasserwerk Industrie auf Moderne. Sechs Ferienwohnungen sind in diesen ungewöhnlichen Räumlichkeiten entstanden. So wurden unter anderem der Kompressor-Turm, das E-Werk und der Maschinenraum in individuelle Unterkünfte, teils mit Kamin oder Balkon, umgewandelt. Attraktiv ist die Lage nahe des Scharmützelsees und des Kurparks.

www.wasserwerk-badsaarow.de, www.wasserwerk-badsaarow.de/en/homepage

Spend the night in the historic harbour ensemble

Another original place to stay is the Groß Neuendorf cultural harbour, located directly on the dyke on the Oder. The centre of the listed ensemble houses a hotel. The former loading tower houses a holiday flat and a café. Both buildings are connected by a conveyor bridge, which has been converted into a viewing platform. Three historic railway carriages of the former Oderbruchbahn railway can be used as overnight accommodation on the remaining tracks of the harbour.

www.verladeturm.de, brandenburg-tourism.com

Sleeping in a covered wagon

A holiday in a covered wagon is unusual, uncomplicated and possible without any previous knowledge of handling horses. The spacious covered wagons have four beds and a kitchenette. The wagon is equipped with crockery, cutlery, pans and pots as well as bed linen, blankets and pillows.

With Liesje Trecking in the Uckermark, you can spend four to seven days travelling, depending on the season. The route is customised and up to 20 campsites can be visited.

www.liesje-trecking.de, brandenburg-tourism.com

Glamping in the panorama suite

In the midst of nature, at Gräbendorfer See in the Lusatian Lakeland, guests can expect a selection of accommodation that perfectly reflects the charm of glamping. From the Tipi Suite to the spacious Panorama Suite, there is something to suit every need. The "raus und gut" camp offers luxury tents in a forest of birch and pine trees. In addition to comfortable beds, they offer a fridge, electricity and wooden terraces with garden furniture. An outdoor kitchen is available for preparing meals.

www.raus.travel/raus-und-gut-casel, brandenburg-tourism.com

Spend the night in a cucumber barrel

The smallest "hotel" in the Spreewald is located in the old town of Lübbenau and offers cucumber barrels with an area of just under 7 square metres each. Each barrel is divided into an anteroom and a sleeping area. The sanitary facilities with showers and WC are just a few steps away. In the nearby restaurant, guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast or round off the evening with a cosy meal.

www.spreewald-hanschick.de, brandenburg-tourism.com

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